Dumpster Rental in Long Island, NY

A garage, shed, or house cleanup project is something other than something a simple box of trash bags can handle. Make this task easier by contacting our company for a handy dumpster rental. Long Island, NY, customers appreciate how our dumpsters range in size from 10 to 40 yards and consistently meet their specific waste management needs. Once you have placed all your junk in your rented container, we will pick it up and dispose of its contents.

Reasons to Choose Our Company

For over 20 years, our garbage removal services have earned countless referrals from our Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Queens, NY, customers. They recommend Dumpster Rental L.I.N.Y to their family and friends because we have the perfect waste container for any cleanup project. Our company also promptly delivers and collects your rented dumpsters. We will call you 45 minutes before we arrive so you know exactly when we are coming to your location.

In addition, our dumpsters have no weight limits. We find it unfair to ask you to weigh your garbage before disposing of it, as most customers can’t estimate. Rainwater or snow can also make your trash unintentionally heavier. As a workaround, we will ask you to describe the scope of your cleanup project so we can recommend the best solution.

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