The Dumpster Rental L.I.N.Y
Honor System

Every Dumpster Rental L.I.N.Y. customer receives a receipt that states “paid in full,” and we never charge surprise fees. This trust in our customers is the honor system that has made us popular with local businesses and homeowners for over 20 years.

We get on the same scale as our competitors, and we all pay by the pound to dump debris. Other companies make you agree to a strict weight limit on a scale you won’t see. However, we don’t. We put 100% trust in our customers about what is placed in our containers.

For example, say you order a 10-yard dumpster for wood and drywall, and we charge $350. Later, however, you realize you also need to remove brick and mortar. Since brick and mortar weighs much more than wood and drywall, the expected scale weight will increase. If this happens during your project, we ask that you call us to reevaluate pricing and discuss options. Contact us for further details on Dumpster Rental L.I.N.Y. pricing.