Driveway Protection with
Every Delivery

We Ensure Driveway Protection with Every Dumpster Rental in Long Island, NY

Turn to our waste disposal business whenever you need a dependable dumpster rental in Long Island, NY. At Dumpster Rental L.I.N.Y, we don’t just help dispose of your garbage properly, but we also do it with the utmost care.

Because most dumpsters have steel wheels that can cause scratches or marks on your driveway during delivery, we must take measures to prevent this damage. That’s why we took the initiative to offer driveway protection in Long Island, NY, along with our dumpster services.

Driveway protection is important because most towns require dumpsters and similar containers placed somewhere on the property rather than on the shared road. Whether you choose to have your rental placed on your driveway, landscape, or somewhere else, we strive to prevent damage as much as possible with every dumpster delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about our work. We look forward to providing you with quality residential and commercial waste management services.

How Our Driveway Protection Works

While it is rare for our dumpster rental company to damage driveways, it is still a possibility. That’s why we offer driveway protection along with our waste removal services. To do this, our team places wood under the container’s wheels to help prevent cracks, scraps, ruts, and so on.

A dumpster’s weight is another factor—the heavier your dumpster, the more likely it is to cause damage. We ensure we don’t overfill our dumpsters and constantly abide by our regulations regarding how high to fill the dumpster based on the type of debris. Learn more about how we protect your property by contacting us today.